Product Design

Cub Cadet Future Visions Semi finalist - Continuing
Published in Popular Mechanics June 2011
     The Cub Cadet Aide is a programmable residential lawnmower which utilizes one central electric motor powered by a Zinc Air battery.  It is charged by solar cells within the paint of the body of the mower;  the Aide is able to charge itself while it works. When it returns to its docking station, it transfers any extra energy gathered while working back into the energy grid. The Aide utilizes four independently steered wheels which allow it to complete zero degree turns, leaving your lawn unscathed. The Aide employs scanning technology to stop at any moving objects and is also equip with blade stopping technology ensuring the users safety.
The Cub Cadet Aide is set up by the user through Demonstrational Programming. The user just folds out the handle from the top compartment of the mower, presses the record button, and cuts the lawn to their liking. When the user is finished, they press the record button again to end the programming session. The Aide is now ready to cut the lawn by itself while the user completes other landscaping tasks. The mower can also be programmed to mulch or compress the lawn clippings and deposit them in the user’s garden.


Grocery Handle Invention; Production in progress

Grocery Handle in use